Our films wrap it up!

ARIUS GMBH KUNSTSTOFFE extrudes and processes polyethylene plastic film. The rolled and ready-made goods – primarily industrial film, packaging film and transport film – are manufactured tailor-made according to the customer’s wishes. 

Our delivery programme includes flat film, centre folded film, tubular film and gusseted tube film, shrink film hoods, side gusseted sacks, flat sacks and bottom seam bags as well as individual or tear-off perforated cuts.

Our products meet the highest quality and environmental standards and can be supplied in a large number of colours and also with or without overprinting for the most varied requirements and areas of use. 

So, irrespective of the sector you come from or what you wish to pack, transport or sell in film: ARIUS GMBH always has a suitable and economical solution at its fingertips for you.