Product quality

The way out of the packaging dilemma

The reduction of packaging is an important and justified environmental protection concern. The fact that less packaging does not necessarily mean greater benefits can be proven by taking a look at the transport damages statistics because a clear target conflict exists between the reduction of “packaging waste” and the protection of goods transported. In particular, bulky transport goods with irregular shapes are a genuine challenge to packaging quality.

The answer is PE shrink film in many cases, because securing the load with shrinking is just as easy as space-saving and therefore often the best solution for goods transported and the environment. 

ARIUS GMBH KUNSSTOFFE PE shrink film is available in thicknesses from 25 my and 200 my and can therefore be precisely adapted to individual customer needs. As a stabilising sheath for your transported goods, this protects them against mechanical damages, dust and moisture.

But we can also score with other quality criteria. For example, food safety: by using food safe raw materials and processing them in transparent processes according to defined standards, our products are naturally in line with the strict legal hygiene requirements for food packaging. Thus we make our contribution for the quality of your products and end-users’ safety day-in and day-out.