Manufacturing and technology

Not only our products are innovative

The Volkmarshausen plant between Kassel and Göttingen uses modern high-performance systems with a wide array of applications for the manufacturing of our wide-ranging portfolio of PE films in virtually all conceivable dimensions and thicknesses. From standard goods to eccentric customer wishes, we always have a fitting solution.

Our silos provide the capacity for crisis-free storage of raw materials for up to 3 months. This also enables us to react promptly and flexibly to demand peaks without being confronted with raw materials bottlenecks.

Our extrusion area manufactures order-specific films in thicknesses starting at 25my, individual items with lengths as of 600mm and widths between 500 and 5,200mm as well as tubular and flat film on rolls with a diameter of up to 1,000mm, each in the mono-axial or bi-axial shrink properties versions. Also needled or perforated for air circulation, if required with print, e.g. a recycling symbol.

Additives with all customary colouring, from translucent to opaque as well as lubricants, antistatic agents, UV stabilisers, anti-slip and anti-block mechanisms can be offered.