Corporate philosophy

No sooner said than done: our guiding principles

We are … a company which produces and processes plastic film which is equally high-quality and economical – under a single roof and from a single source.

We respect … our customers’ wishes and needs, as their trust, satisfaction and quality requirements are our most important concerns. Therefore, we ensure smooth processes, absolute adherence to deadlines and fair prices.

We appreciate … our environment and therefore only manufacture products from polyethylene which neither burdens the soil, the water nor the air during production, recycling or disposal. Our customers and their sustainability concepts also profit from this.

We … use modern, high-performance systems for production in the extrusion and ready-made areas and automatically measure quality standards for the lengths, widths, thicknesses, strength and hygiene of our films.

We supply … industrial packaging film: easy to use, multifunctional, in the most varied strengths and colours, low-volume, tear-resistant and with a high load-bearing capacity, weatherproof and resistant to soiling.