Environment and sustainability

We assume responsibility – also for our customers

Environmental protection enjoys very special attention at ARIUS GMBH KUNSTSTOFFE. The responsible handling of all the resources which flow into the value-added process is a central component of our corporate philosophy.

Due to the economical use of resources, innovative production processes and the consistent treatment of waste, consumption, incurrence of waste and emissions are reduced or also fully avoided. Even more important: Exclusively polyethylene (PE), a plastic which is fully contaminant-free in production and when recycled, is processed at ARIUS GMBH, because PE film consists of carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). Therefore, during its combustion under the influence of oxygen (O2) and water (H2O), fully natural environmental substances are formed.  Polyethylene is combusted with a high calorific value and is free of toxic gases. If deposited, it decomposes completely.

Above all, in addition to nature, our customers for whom packaging is an important component of their sustainability concepts are the winners.